The Caesar- Quick Dry Yoga Shorts (Wild White)

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Premium men’s yoga shorts made in the USA. Handcrafted athletic moisture-wicking stretch fabric designed specifically for men’s yoga with the environment in mind. Consciously sourced, locally produced, and constructed to get better with age. Tested to withstand a rigorous practice yet comfortable enough for daily wear.

The Caesar is a Mid-Length Yoga Short. 

SELECTING YOUR SHORTS: If you have a moderate to rigorous practice, sweat regularly to profusely, and are looking for the ultimate comfort and performance in a yoga short; these are for you.

ABOUT THE FABRIC: ChitoSanté is the only EPA certified treatment that adds a significant layer of anti-odor, antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and quick-dry properties to fabric. It is produced from the natural biomass of shells and applied to our poly-stretch blend for an athletic feel; locally sourced, sustainably treated, and made in the USA.

OUR UNIQUE DESIGN: Inspired by the iconic brands that have been around for decades, we designed our shorts to “break-in” and get better with age. Our goal is for these shorts to become a daily part of your practice and last for years to come. They are constructed with a flat front, snug hips, a sturdy waistband, and a tapered leg. Regardless of whether you are standing on your feet or your hands, these shorts are certain to stay in place while you are in motion. Our unique cut of double-ply material will provide enough compression to keep you supported and plenty of coverage to keep you concealed.

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S (29-31"), M (32-34"), L (34-36"), XL (36-38"), XXL (39-41")

1 review for The Caesar- Quick Dry Yoga Shorts (Wild White)

  1. Juyoung Ahn

    Thanks! I already wear this many times after receiving. Delivery was so fast. and you guys are so kind . and this shorts are so cool!
    It is hard to buy cool yoga wear for men. especially wears what have cool graphic patterns. this shorts are cool!
    and I do yoga and Pole dancing too. this is soooo nice to do pole dancing for men too! thank you
    I hope there will release new product shorts what has more short length. I have lot of sweating. haha see you

    • Jered

      Thanks for the compliment, Juyoung! So happy to hear you like them and that they work well for pole dancing, too. Hoping to build on our base model with different lengths and styles in the future. Your second pair will ship out today! Thanks again for the support.

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